Maret 29, 2018

Daftar Harga 2020 Daihatsu solo


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1.0 D+ MT 118.450.000
1.0 M MT 122.800.000
1.0 M AT 132.050.000
1.0 X MT 130.350.000
1.0 X MT DLX 137.700.000
1.0 X AT 139.600.000
1.0 X AT DLX 146.950.000

1.2 X MT 139.200.000
1.2 X AT 149.400.000
1.2 R MT 146.200.000
1.2 R MT DLX 150.200.000
1.2 AT 156.400.000
1.2 AT DLX 160.400.000

1.0 D MT MC 123.000.000
1.0 M MT MC 133.500.000
1.2 X MT 143.050.000
1.2 X MT DLX 148.550.000
1.2 X AT 156.050.000
1.2 X AT DLX 161.550.000
1.2 R MT MC 149.550.000
1.2 R MT DLX 153.350.000
1.2 AT MC 162.550.000
1.2 AT DLX 166.350.000

X MT 1.3 STD 194.500.00
X MT 1.3 DLX 206.450.000
X AT 1.3 STD 205.400.000
X AT 1.3 DLX 218.300.000
R MT 1.5 DLX 225.200.000
R AT 1.5 DLX 236.800.000

X MT 213.200.000
X MT DLX 223.200.000
X AT DLX 233.100.000
R MT 243.700.000
R MT DLX 253.700.000
R AT 255.600.000
R AT DLX 265.600.000
R MT CUSTOM 255.600.000
R AT CUSTOM 267.500.000

PU 1.3 STD 146.050.000
PU 1.3 BOX ALUMUNIUM 165.950.000
PU 1.5 STD 150.550.000
PU 1.5 ACPS 157.450.000
PU 1.5 ACPS BOX ALUMUNIUM 177.350.000

BV 1.3 AC FH 161.650.000
BV 1.3 AC AB 167.650.000
BV 1.5 ACPS ABS 179.150.000

Granmax MiniBus (MB)
1.3 D FH 173.900.000
1.3 D FF 180.200.000
1.5 D PS FH 190.000.000

SIRION MT 189.675.000
SIRION AT 200.975.000

*harga sewaktu waktu bisa berubah untuk lebih jelas nya bisa langsung hubungi saya Dhini di nomor website ini.

Daihatsu solo baru melayani servis ,spare part,body repair

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